Well, how would you feel about the chance of installing and running Android on your PC?

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Click Create when you’ve configured your settings — it might take a few minutes for the virtual disk to be created.

Make sure that you have your newly created virtual machine selected and then click the Settings button in the toolbar.

If the below process doesn’t work for you, please check this other (simpler) method to emulate Android on your PC with Geny Motion.

First, you’ll need to grab yourself a copy of Virtual Box.

Here, I’m working with Windows 8, but Virtual Box is compatible with older versions of Microsoft’s operating system, and there are also versions available for OS X and Linux.

Once downloaded, run through the installation of the program — just accept all of the default options.

Head over to the Android-x86 website scroll down to the Android-x86-4.2-devel section and click the View link for the most up to date version (at time of writing this is 4.2 20130228).

Weighing in at just under 200MB, the download will take a moment to transfer.

Move the memory slider to the right so that 512MB or more of RAM is set aside for Virtual Box and click Next.