Then he will take the key from the dvarapalaka and seal is broken and the doors of golden vakili will be opened uttering suitable mantras.

Here the speciality of the Keys is : It is called Kunche Kola.Archaka will open the inside lock from outside.

This sambandhakurca is a bunch of 32 blades of darbha (grass) tied by a knot in a rightward direction.

Suprabhata Seva: (3am -3.30am) Performers: Tallapaka Annamacharya Family Hathiramji Mutt Jiyengar Mutt Vedaparayana dars Sannidhi Tirumaliga Archaka’s Sanndhi Golla Devotees.

Early in the morning at a fixed time like AM, the previous day itself ‘golla’ (cowherd : Remember in Srinivasa History who has beaten Lord and gave shapa to him.

The front portion is set to represent Brahma, the knot Vishnu and rest Rudra.

This sambandhakurca is placed in the space between the Dhruvabera and the kantukabera with the front portion of the kurca towards the kautkabera.

this is being secret and will be revealed to only Anuvamsika Archaka’s.

The Sannidhi ‘golla’, Annamacharya Family, the paricaraka, jeeyar & arhcaka will go in and the Bangaru Vakili doors will be closed from inside.

Now his family continues and they are the one who will have first darshan of Lord at Sanctum Sanctorium)go to the residence of the archakas & collect them who have been allotted the duty in the sanctum sanctorum that day.

The archaka would have by that time had his morning bath, completed his Nitya-karmanusthanas and wearing Urdva Pundras.

At this stage Annamacharya famly use to render wake-up songs (” Meluko Sringara raya”,” Vinnapaalu Vinavale Vinta vinthalu”, “Medini jivula gava meluko vayya”..

and so on), The vaikhanasa practice is to establish a connection between the Dhruvabera and the Kantukabera through a sambandhakurca during worship.

Having known about the leelas of the Lord let us go in detail about the different prayers offered to the Lord of Tirumala in a day.