Shark Shark was always known as the second best bar on Soi Cowboy.

In Dec ’15 I was amazed at the 80 girls they had at happy hour, some really good looking ones too.

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Formerly named Rainbow 4 this bar has a history of having the best lookers in Nana Plaza, and is very popular. Spanky’s This whip-themed bar just celebrated 7 years in business in Feb ’16, so they must be doing something right. The staff like to pack the people in the seats, and Western females and Indian guys have no problems getting in.

Many times late at night in Nana Plaza I’ve strolled past to see the boxes upon boxes of empty beer bottles, a sure sign a bar is doing well. The whipping is all harmless fun and all the girls are used to it.

Many younger, whiter skinned maidens with cosmetic surgery are on offer here.

Every girl is available and nearly every customer in this bar is Japanese. I’ve seen many times blatant discrimination with Indians and Western women being refused entry and even denied service on the front patio area. 600 baht for the barfine inside, 3000/6000 baht for short/long time.

Pro tip: if you sit on the stools around the stage, you will see some thigh gaps to die for. Featuring some very raunchy dance action on stage, it’s literally overflowing with pretty girls.

The last few times I’ve been there it seems the customers haven’t caught on and the bar remains relatively quiet.

Customers can buy these girls drinks, or take them out of the bar for additional services if desired.

A barfine is needed to pay to take the girls out of the bar, this ranges from 500 to 3000 baht depending on the girl. see up the skirts of the upstairs dancers through the glass dancefloor.

I previously did a review of Bangkok Bunnies here (including taking an unsanctioned video). Pro-tip: Some of the girls are quite skilled in the dirty lapdance department, so if that’s your thing then enquire with the staff.

Angelwitch Angelwitch is a gogo bar with a rock / heavy metal theme.

Top 10 gogo bars in Bangkok This list was compiled from the last few years of drinking in the gogo bars of Bangkok.