In it you will find these and other valuable tips that will help improve your chances of receiving your travel visa.The prospect of having a parent visit you in the United States is quite exciting.

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In order to ensure that it goes off without a hitch, it is important to prepare your parents adequately for the ‘grilling’ they might face – this article will highlight possible questions they might be asked and the best answers for them.

Before proceeding with the interview, it is important to note that it is possible to ask in advance for an interpreter.

If you already have a visa interview appointment, it means that you already have an invitation letter and other documents that you may need to present at the interview.

There are a variety of questions that could be asked depending on the purpose for your visit, the answers you give to previously asked questions, the status of the one inviting you and your country of residence.

Here are some questions that could be asked if you are a friend visiting the USA for your annual vacation. During the interview, you may be asked only a few questions.

In most of my interviews I have been about 10 or less.

Answer: He/she works as a (insert occupation), at (insert company name) This answer may be followed by subsequent questions regarding their annual income, and the length of time within which they have been working, to which you may respond by saying “ he/she earns an estimated X dollars per year, and are at X-level in the company given their X-years stay at the company.

While this is important, it is also quite important to note that you must not give answers to unsolicited questions.

Sample Question 1: Why do you want to travel to the US? Answer: My trip is scheduled to last for no longer than X number of months.