A 1200 Super in 8x57, an 1100 Lightweight in 6.5x55 and a 2100 Midland in 308.

The 12 used the Spanish made Santa Barbara commercial mauser action and the 2100 a commercial Springfield 03A3 action. Nicely polished and finished metal, oil finished French walnut stock, rollover cheekpiece, palm swell, rosewood grip cap and forend tip - 24" barrel. Nice but not polished and finished as well as the 1200 but very functional.

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The action is as smooth and slick as a mauser can be. Lesser grade of wood, pencil barrel and schnabel forend - 22" barrel.

The 2100 has a sandblast type metal finish that is much rougher than a modern matte finish but it shot well.

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They explain that a change in mindset is essential for women over 60 who want to find romance.It was a 67' catalogue, but I would like to find out more info.Parker-Hale rifles were manufactured in Birmingham, England until Navy Arms purchased the manufacturing rights and built a plant in West Virginia for fabrication.During 1992-1994 this new company, Gibbs Rifle Company, made models very similar to the older P-H rifles.Shotguns were manufactured in Spain and imported by Precision Sports, a division of Cortland Line Co, Inc located in Cortland, NY until 1993.Does anyone know a site to enter the serial number and find out when it was manufactured?