Corps Social brings together thousands of people just like you, all around the world.You’ll find your fellow members come in all ages, colors and religions.

On this site, you can search for a volunteer event and a chance to meet new people while serving your community.

Based on your skills and interests, Volunteer Match will suggest opportunities in your area.

Their Facebook pages consist of a slew of pictures of the inseparable, backpack toting travelers arm in arm. Too many of our neighbors are standing on shaky ground and the safety net is being stretched too thin.

They even play in the same fantasy football league and talk virtual smack to one another when their teams face off. Those of us who have volunteered know that our swagger increases exponentially with every volunteer hour we contribute. We all have a responsibility to volunteer and reverse the tides of inequality in our communities.

I loved my volunteers (OK, not all of them, especially not the one who continually referred to me as “Amanda”) because most of them were just .

To the core, they were people who wanted to make a difference.

I found if I matched up similar people, they’d become fast friends while working together and come back laughing, chattering, and asking when they could go back out together.

For many of my happy-go-lucky volunteers, door-knocking became a social outing.

He is now a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and she works for an organization that develops and preserves affordable housing in the DC region.

She got Jordan into Yoga, tolerates his sub-par free style rapping and still cracks up the loudest at his witty jokes and one-liners.

And in doing so we could very well meet our future partner, lover or spouse. So, identify the areas of need about which you are passionate, research your community and volunteer!