We want to make sure you have the communications and support to help your project.For the purchase price you will receive access to the source code with permission for one app on Android and i OS.

Cloneder has been updated to work with the open source Parse server, and custom scripts are provided to simplify deployment on the Google App Engine.

Made in Australia by a native English speaking senior software developer with over a decade of commercial software development.

by Google, the leading HTML5 application framework.

This application code and architecture is developed following the Google best practices guidelines.

The first million unique recipients per month are free.

UPDATE: Facebook announced they will be shutting down early next year.

The rapidly increasing popularity of Angular JS makes it easier to find web developers who can enhance and maintain your single code base for all mobile platforms.

Apache Cordova is the leading open-source platform for building native mobile applications using HTML5.

With a single line of code, track any new data point you want.

Parse Push notifications are a direct channel to your app’s users.

It radically simplifies mobile app development with the web technologies you love.