Christoph Hauser, from the Austrian Geological Commission and chair of the last symposium.

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As early as 1702, there was a school of mining and metallurgy in Freiberg, which in 1765 acquired the name Bergakademie.

Other such schools were established at Schemnitz in the Austrian Empire (now Banska Stiavnica in Slovak Republic) in 1763, Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 1773, Clausthal (Germany) in 1775, Madrid (Spain) in 1777, in Falun (Sweden) in 1819, and in Leoben (Austria) and Pribram (Bohemia) in Libraries in these schools possess impressive 8 collections of books, manuscripts, maps, and other items related to geosciences, mining, and metallurgy.

Nous aimerions vous remercier chers conférenciers et conférencières d avoir accepté de venir présenter les résultats de vos travaux dans un programme qui nous espérons saura vous plaire.

Son déroulement vous permettra de profiter au maximum de la présence de chacun et nous souhaitons que vous en profitiez pour vérifier et confirmer vos intérêts à l endroit du patrimoine culturel des sciences de la terre.

With the advancement of teaching in these schools it was realized that archaeology is also a part of the heritage and this discipline was introduced in many universities. Peter Schmidt ( ) then director of the library of the Mining Academy in Freiberg, sent a call for papers for a conference to be devoted to the Cultural Heritage in Geosciences, Mining, and Metallurgy and to be held in his home town.

The response was favorable and the first meeting was held in September Proceedings of that conference represent an important collection of papers on the history of geology, mining, and metallurgy which would be otherwise very hard to locate in any technical or historical book.

The Wallonia- Brussels Delegation in Quebec helped in the presentation of the mining landscape exhibit of Wallonia and we very grateful for their help.

We would also like to thank the Institut du Patrimoine de l Université Laval as well as the CELAT for making a significant contribution to this symposium. Pierre Poulin for sharing his knowledge on the mining landscape of the Beauce region and Dr.

The idea of organizing such a conference was certainly a fruitful idea as attested by the interest toward conferences that followed.