You'll hear them giggling, getting the munchies and artfully tearing me apart, especially John.

You can preview it on your site when its finished, if you like.

With all the Top 40 excitement from KHJ in LA in that period ...

and the Good Guys on WMCA in New York, Top 40 radio had no better exponents than the guys in Houston and Dallas.

13, '67 did not get scoped and that's a great thing!

In that one aircheck are 6-people from KILT in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and 3-of us went in the charter year, Chuck, Bill and myself. One thing that I could add, in response to my boast that I knocked off a talented Jim Wood...

Jim was a gentleman who admitted to me that the 60's period with the Beatles was something he'll never forget.

His words were: "you beat me fair and square'" Jim's mistake back then was taping a portion of my show on KNUZ in Houston and playing it back on KILT, Houston.I already knew that he had operated a successful radio venture in the Austin area.Buddy explains: I sold our stations to EMF broadcasting and ESPN for million.After that Jim became a top jock on a Black LA radio station, where he was the only white deejay.He kept that job for years before getting out of the radio business.After making KILT number 1, we all moved on to better jobs.