In 2006, after extensive work with the Commonwealth’s executive and judiciary branches, Conley brought to Suffolk County a second grand jury, unprecedented in the state.The Special Grand Jury was tasked with developing and reviewing evidence solely in homicides and complex gun- and gang-related cases.

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So, usually, if conviction for the crime may result in incarceration in the State Prison, it is a felony.

If conviction may result in incarceration in the House of Correction, it's a misdemeanor.

Even if a defendant is convicted of a felony, if they are tried in district court they will be sent to the house of correction (jail) and not state prison." For more information about specific crimes, visit our Massachusetts Criminal Law Discussion Forum.

"So, usually, if conviction for the crime may result in incarceration in the State Prison, it is a felony.

Taken together, these approaches comprise a comprehensive strategy that runs from the courtroom to the community and from the corridors of power to the classrooms of our schools.

They also offer opportunities for everyone – from prosecutors and police to government leaders, members of the faith-based community, and concerned citizens – to play a part and help ensure that victims and witnesses are free to testify in court without fear for their safety, that violent offenders are aggressively prosecuted, and that the promise of equal justice under the law is kept for everyone, everywhere.

Landmark Cases By retaining and fostering a top-notch Appeals Division, District Attorney Conley protects trial prosecutors’ convictions and works to shape Massachusetts case law.

In one recent year, the DA’s appellate lawyers won a string of landmark decisions before the state’s Supreme Judicial Court that strike at the heart of witness intimidation.

All other crimes are misdemeanors." That does not mean, however, that any crime that carries with it the possibility of prison time is a felony.