He tenderly placed his arm around Simpson as they were talking about their matter. It seems that the pair has finally ended their relationship.According to a source, Luke was formerly in a relationship with Drew Barrymore (1997 - 1999), Gwyneth Paltrow (2001 - 2002), and Joy Bryant (2003).The 47-year-old actor was joined at the event by Joel Kinnaman, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Wilson, the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ Anthony Kiedis, Rick Rubin, Matt Bellamy and his girlfriend Elle Evans and director Takuji Masuda.

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or the delightful quirk of his many Wes Anderson films, the story of a zero-income single mother, in a rough and unglamorous turn from star/first-time director Katie Holmes, doesn't just go after tear ducts—it stages an all-out assault.

But just as Holmes' character and her daughter are evicted from their home and have their every last hope for survival dashed, a recognizable face appears in the second act as if to announce "Everything is going to be OK!

Luke and Simpson were seen having a long chat sitting on the bench.

Luke was also photographed was consoling his tearful former girlfriend.

We bet that you are one of them who are willing to seek some information regarding Luke Wilson’s love life.

So, today, let’s find out whether Luke Wilson is single or is dating along with his plans about getting married to his estranged girlfriend with whom he got back emotionally.

" Luke Wilson, playing a recovering alcoholic back on the straight and narrow, enters the picture, begins dating Holmes' character and, with his megawatt smile, singlehandedly alters the tone of the film from that of a tragedy to a romance.

It is exactly what audiences have come to expect from Luke Wilson, who has so excelled at playing kindly romantic interests he was, for a time, known as "America's Boyfriend." (Modern translation: "Mr. Even if the Texan-born charmer had his spell of romantic comedies in the early aughts, his filmography truly runs the gamut and boasts some of the most memorable films of the last twenty years.

However, even after the separation, Luke was spotted with his ex-girlfriend Simpson on a bench in Santa Monica in July 2015, flaunting an emotional reunion.

Caption: Luke Wilson and his ex-girlfriend Meg Simpson on a bench in Santa Monica in July 2015 flaunting an emotional reunion.

That's not easy to do."Maxim recently caught up with the youngest Wilson brother to learn about his new film, the perks of being "America's Boyfriend," if difficult for you to act opposite so many beautiful actresses.