Due to Danny's DNA appearing on an old cigarette butt at the crime scene, Mac is forced to temporarily revoke Danny's badge until Danny is proven innocent.

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Later, Danny tearfully admits his grief and remorse to Mac.

Although Danny and his older brother grew apart in their teenage years, it can be said that they were close as children, since Danny fondly recalls rowing in "the bay" with his brother in their grandfather's boat to dive for bottles (episode 402, "The Deep").

By the sixth episode, he is given solo control of his first crime scene.

Mac tells Danny and Aiden that the crime scene at a robbery homicide is theirs, and that Danny is the officer in charge.

It is later learned that the brothers' relationship was permanently scarred by the events of a single night in 1991.

After promising to take Danny to Atlantic City with some of his friends, the group stopped off at Giants stadium where Louie and two others began to severely beat a drug dealer, telling him it was an initiation into the Tanglewood Boys gang.

It has been implied that Danny is in his mid-30s; Lindsay Monroe made a reference to his 30th birthday in the second season (episode 208, "Bad Beat").

Danny attended college and played minor league baseball until his wrist was broken while playing baseball.

In the season 6 premiere, Danny was shown seriously injured after a drive-by shootout that ended the season 5 finale.