The association has selected Mahendra Singh Dhoni as their brand ambassador.

The board was dissolved by the government of Nepal in November 2014 on the grounds of incompetence and a three-member ad hoc committee was established with a new president designated by the government itself.

Sri Lanka's legendary batsman Roy Dias who took over as coach in 2001 has been the architect of Nepal's triumphs and he has moulded a nation high on enthusiasm and short of experience into a fine competitive force.

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We are proud and honoured to take part in the first hackathon organised by APNIC.

We are happy to help by spreading the word in our communities, advising on the organisational and logistics details, and attending as facilitators and topic experts, bringing RIPE Atlas measurements data, pointers to previous hackathons code, and statistical data about IPv6 deployment.

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Greater sponsorship and more focused domestic competitions have been the result.

Work has already started on a national Academy, felt to be vital given the extremes of Nepal's weather for indoor practice, which will be partly funded by the ACC.But they're pushing, they're certainly pushing and the battle between them and Afghanistan should be fascinating in the years ahead.A regime change at the Cricket Association of Nepal has led to the adoption of a more professional approach to development.Hackathons (hacking marathons) are events where a group of people work together on a pre-defined set of problems, intensively, for a period of a few days.Mostly 'hacking' means coding, programming, software development - but there can be other creative activities involved.Apply now Although it has been more than 20 years since the 'new' version of the Internet Protocol was introduced by the IETF, it has not been fully deployed yet.