Richards, playing a spoiled princess, was praised for her performance by Los Angeles Times for being "as rightly nasty as she is pretty." Later that year she appeared in four episodes of Spin City as Jennifer Duncan, a love interest of Charlie Sheen's character.

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Konbini France - Il incarnait en effet Billy Loomis, le petit ami de l'héroïne, Sydney, jouée par Neve Campbell dans le premier film de Wes Craven, sorti en 1996 et devenu depuis un classique dans le genre du slasher. - In the season-and-a-half since its debut, Riverdale has brought an array of '90s stars into its cast. The serial killer mythos has taken center stage the first half of the sophomore season. Voici - Fait marquant : Alors qu'elle est en pleine ascension, Neve Campbell casse son image d'adolescente sage en jouant en 1998, une étudiante alcoolique et droguée dans le polar érotique Sexcrimes, aux côtés de Matt Dillon et Denise Richards. Purebreak - Skeet Ulrich aka FP Jones a déjà une idée !

Scream's Skeet Ulrich just revealed that if he got to choose who would play his on-screen ex on Riverdale, he'd pick Sidney Prescott herself. One character we haven't yet been introduced to on the Archie Comics-based series is Jughead's mother, the estranged wife of Skeet ... Hidden Remote - The second season of Riverdale took an eerie turn by introducing a mysterious killer in the midst of a small town already plagued by drama.

Her first starring role in a wide theatrical release was Starship Troopers in 1997 for which Richards was nominated for the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Female Newcomer. Variety praised Richards' transition from good-girl-type roles to manipulative villainess and the review continued to include her as part of "an ensemble that appears to be enjoying the challenge of offbeat roles and unusual material.

There's not a wrong note struck by the game group of players." Richards was cast as the nuclear physicist Christmas Jones in the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999).

He deemed her plans "greedy, vain and exploitative".

In May 2010, Richards was handed over custody of her and Sheen's two daughters by Sheen.However, on January 4, 2006, Richards' representative announced that she was continuing with the divorce.She later sought a restraining order against Sheen, alleging death threats against her.Richards plays Debra, the ex-wife of Coach Daniels.Richards first met actor Charlie Sheen on the set of Loaded Weapon 1 in 1991.In 2008, she reunited with her Wild Things on-screen mother Theresa Russell in Jolene.