Catherine was shocked; she certainly didn’t like the idea of these girls groping Adam’s genitals.

It’s the closest thing to a penis we women have.” The brown haired girl began stroking it. She looked over at Adam, who was smiling at what he was seeing.

“Do any of you have any questions for Adam” Catherine said, trying to divert the girls attention from her.

” “It’s so thick, look at how big the tip is.” “It must feel so good to have that inside you.””Feel how big his testicles are.” The blond and brunette took ahold of Adam’s engorged member, and began stroking it.

One of the girls had his scrotum in her hands, and the third girl was running her fingers through his pubic hair.

Catherine felt one of the girls put her fingers into her vagina, and gasped.

She desperately hoped that none of the girls would ask her why her vagina was so wet.

He was smiling at her, as if he were surprised that the girls were asking such explicit questions.

They were asking her very intimate questions, but that was a good thing, these girls were naturally curious about sex. Catherine started to sweat, she didn’t know how to proceed, she was embarrassed at the frank conversation, but she was starting to get aroused – it was empowering to be able to speak frankly about these subjects.

The girls looked at her, and a beautiful blond student blurted out “So you and Adam have sex, right?

” “Yes, Adam and I make love on a regular basis.” “What exactly happens when you two have sex? “Well, Adam and I french kiss – we stick our tongues in each other’s mouths, we get naked, and then we have sex.” A stunning brunette told Catherine “Be more specific. ” Catherine took a deep breath, and glanced at Adam.

She spread her pubic hair, and pointed to her clitoris.