I just want who I am to flow out, to the point where I’m no longer but it’s just who I am.

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A feeling of without, when you are in fact completely “with.” The moment is always the perfect situation, so you don’t need to have any more.

And your ambitious purpose is constantly creating the vision you have for your life.

We were cautious at first, but it soon was clear that this had the potential to be a really good thing.

We’ve been dating exclusively for a while now, and my life is so much better with him in it. He is honest and consistent and kind and compassionate and funny. His friends adore him, his family adores him, and his co-workers adore him.

He is possibly the most thoughtful, gentle man I have ever met. Like, so hot, I can’t believe he’s attracted to me.

To top it all off, he smells like freshly bathed unicorns and newly ironed dress shirts. Because never in my life have I wanted something so much and had it actually happen. My backstory: After a divorce and then a string of unpleasant, failed relationships that left me feeling raw and really low, I decided to take a year off dating altogether.I used the year to really work on myself and to try to understand why I kept choosing the wrong people and ignoring red flags.But it also sounds like both of you have figured out a lot about who you’re looking for, and that just might be each other. You’d STILL be better off, because you and this man are learning a heck of a lot from each other about choosing more wisely and staying the course—even when it’s terrifying. Well, I’ll just say here that I Yours in love (and all the terror it inspires), Grumpy The Grumpy Introvert (otherwise known as Jennifer Mattern) is smarter than your average border collie, stronger than your morning coffee, and impervious to Comic Sans and all other forms of forced cheer.She has been an annoying know-it-all since the tender age of 8, when she first began correcting her teachers’ misspellings and offering copious amounts of unsolicited advice to her parents. Write to her at Let’s keep our discussions reflective, productive, and welcoming.Grumpy, he’s all that I could have asked for in a partner.