) We want to know what you’ve got going on for the holiday.

I know the Cedar Key, Florida, Pirate Festival will take place the weekend before, and I imagine there’s plenty more where that came from!

Cap’n Slappy and I are grateful (and still more than a little surprised! But if you’re one of those who don’t get it, who are a little too uptight to be a little silly, who sniff that, “But pirates were criminals, they were evil,” we would say, sure. 19 they gave you – free – a dozen glazed doughnuts. Just remember that they probably won’t give you a free dozen doughnuts for your trouble – though we pirates can be fairly persuasive. Croix, where I used to live, wasn’t hurt too bad, but St. This is my first day off in two weeks, so I’ll only be working a couple of hours. We have many, many pirate friends in harm’s way today in Florida and wish them all the best.

) that so many people all around the world are having fun with our little idea. But I plan to go in anyway – in full regalia – to show them what they’re missing. But I hope to have the map completely updated by this evening. Hurricanes are no joke, and we hope those of you who were not able to evacuate are hunkered down in a safe place with the hatches battened and are going to be able to safely ride out the storm.

Swagger, growl and let the world see the buccaneer inside. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has decided NOT to take part in Talk Like a Pirate Day this year. At least, the corporation isn’t playing, though individual stores might. For the last four years if you dressed like a pirate and walked into a Krispy Kreme on Sept. Are we gonna let those corporate cruller cooks put a hole in our holiday fun! I’m not telling you NOT to deck yerself out in your finest pirate togs on Tuesday (just five days from now) and go to your nearby Krispy Kreme. So I’ve been working pretty much non-stop on that for the last couple of weeks. John reporter calls to dictate her story, since they have no power, no internet, and very, very little cell service.

This is the day to let your inner pirate out to play. The Five As – a quick and dirty Pirate Talk Lesson Well THAT’S disappointing!

In South Korea, the T-CLUB, a publication from Chunjae Education, is an English magazine for English teachers across Korea. T-CLUB will be printing a special four-page article on the holiday, using material from our website, and offering youngsters on the peninsula the chance to discover their inner pirate. ” I walked right into that one, I guess, and have no one to blame but meself.” Jefferson County, Colorado – The Jefferson Couny Public Library in Evergreen, Conifer and Arvada will host event for the wee sprogs Sept. An entire day of pirate movies and other activities! Here’s hoping you made it out to one or two of them (at least) and had a great time.

Richmond, Virginia – Scarlett Kits, writes to tell us that Talk Like a Pirate Day is a “magical” time of year for her. Two years ago I dressed as a pirate on a German band road trip and served pina colatas and lime sodas on route. Each year I dress as a pirate varying degrees.” This year, “I will be at a professional function and you bet your bottom galleon I’ll be dressed piratey! 19 at all three locations, with movies, paaarties and lots of other fun things planned. the lineup includes “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything,” “Muppets Treasure Island,” “The Pirates! There’s still a bunch more to go – Seadog Nights and Seafair in the Northwest, Beaufort in North Carolina, and many more.

He underwent bariatric surgery last week and is recovering nicely. I’m not sure if I will ever desire food again – but I’m home.” One of the common after-effects of the bariatric surgery is a thinning of the hair.

Since his theme for the previous year has been, “taking control,” he decided not to wait for his hair to fall out.

Here are a few of our videos to help you get in the spirit.

If you do too, you’ll get a chance to express your indignation – nay, your outrage! Our friends at Long John Silvers (at least Just a quick note to remind everyone (as if they needed reminding) that International Talk Like a Pirate Day will be here in one week – Tuesday, Sept. If you look at the site you’ll see I’m WAY behind on the updates. If you’re on the road, may you find a snug harbor at the end of your journey. We were saddened, but not at all surprised, to learn that demolition began last week on the old YMCA in Albany, Oregon, with no mention of the pivotal role the old place played in the social history of the early 21st century. We’ve told the story many – MANY – times, about how Slappy and I, under the delusion that we could get back in shape, were playing weekly racquetball games at the Y.

A fairly romantic story about Bellamy diverting the ship from its destination in Maine so that he could visit the woman he loved, for whom he’d gone on the account in the first place (although it might have been the wine they’d captured,), brought them off the cape and right into the face of a fierce storm.