Even basic satnavs now come with lifetime map updates, so you’ll always be guided on current roads, and you won’t end up being the driver who followed their satnav into a lake because a road used to be there.

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To put it simply, the satnav receives signals from GPS satellites, so it knows where you are.

You tell it where to go and it will find the best way of getting you there.

My old 5" Tom Tom would not longer take a charge, even after changing out the battery, so I upgraded to the 6".

Although I like using Waze to alert me for police, the Tom Tom is much more accurate on road names, paths, and especially clearer to know which lane to be in when in large city interchanges.

There’s only one problem: you’ll need a decent data connection unless your app has offline maps, and you’ll cost yourself a fortune in roaming fees if you attempt to download maps and navigate abroad.

Indeed, the latest satnavs have fought back against the smartphone.

This can make all the difference when you’re surrounded by traffic in an unfamiliar situation.

Some Garmin satnavs also offer real-life views as you approach your destination, so you don’t miss a hidden turning or building that’s set back from the street, and their voice guidance has more of a natural, human touch – telling you to turn after a landmark such as a church, for example.

The device will usually beep as you approach a camera – also serving as a handy reminder to check your speedometer. Putting another screen in your car could be a recipe for distraction, but the best models come with voice control to minimise how often you need to use the touchscreen.

Good voice-recognition software is essential to prevent frustration.

Some double as Bluetooth devices, using their built-in microphones and speakers to provide hands-free call technology.