Support for multi-root workspaces is now enabled by default in the Stable release.

updating rpm commands-9

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This feature depends on whether it is supported by the source code provider but it is already enabled for Git repositories out of the box.

With this new UI, you can not only review your code changes but also navigate, stage or revert them inline.

Welcome to the October 2017 release of Visual Studio Code.

There are a number of significant updates in this release and we completed several popular outstanding feature requests.We now present a confirmation dialog when moving files or folders in the File Explorer via drag and drop.This should prevent accidentally performing a move when not desired.Thanks to PR #35740 from Krzysztof CieĊ›lak, it is now possible to navigate between highlighted symbols using in languages where there is a semantic highlight provider.When you have a symbol selected, you can now quickly move to other instances of that symbol in your file.The Git file decorations can be customized in many ways.