A late fee will be assessed for payments received after August 7, 2017.

Return to the Student Center when your Enrollment Appointment day and time arrive. Review your schedule and make any needed adjustments. Confirm your classes by clicking the Finish Enrolling button. Verify the status report that is displayed for enrollment confirmations and errors.

Use the import cart button to retrieve your preferred schedule from Schedule Planner.

Review each imported class and click the NEXT button to accept them into your shopping cart.

Cost of transcripts Additional Transcript Information Most official transcripts are distributed within the week after receipt of the request.

However, requests that specify inclusion of grades just earned or verification of a degree just awarded cannot be filled until two to three weeks after the end of the term.

Check the box next to each class you want to test then click the validate button. Read the information next to each class in the Message column.

Hint: look for a red X in the status column indicating additional action from you is needed (e.g.

Follow the instructions on this page to resolve any unsuccessful enrollment requests.

Click on My Class Schedule before you exit to confirm that your registration was successful. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The time assigned to you is fixed and not subject to change for any reason.

One useful feature in GET is Enrollment Validation.

Financial Aid will send notifications including anticipated aid to students who met the March 2 priority application date by the end of March.