..357 Franzheim Edwaid B, Wlieeliiig front cover ARTIFICIAL LIMB MAXUFKS. Wheeling Tent and Awning Co Page left top lines, 7 and 539 BAKER AND CONFECTIONER. Traders' National Bank, Buckhannon 104 Lowndes R T & Co Savings Bank, Clarksburg 149 Traders' National Bank The, Clarks- burg 147 West Virginia Bank, Clarksburg 151 First National Bank, Grafton 225 Merchants' and Mechanics' Savings Bank The, Grafton 223 Exchange Bank, Mannington 305 Second National Bank, Morgantowii. Donaldson, Morgan & Co., 2110-2114 Main St., Wheeling, W. REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS Sold, Repaired, Ex- changed or Rented. Greenbriar Hotel 44.5 Guay & Perkins 445 Hudgins Clarence 445 ST. right top liues and 559 Shipley S J ...557 Simpson & Tatum 549 Steinmetz C 537 UUum S B 541 Union Iron and Wire Works 567 Vance Shoe Co 551 Vockler William 561 Wheeling Brass Co left top lines Wheeling Business College front cover and 547 Wheeling Paper and Cigar Bo.x Fac- tory 559 Wheeling Tent and Awning Co lett and top lines, 7 and 539 Wheeling News Lithograpliic Co 533 Wheeling Mold and Foundry Co back cover Wheeling W^ire Works 561 INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS, Classified Willi Reference to liusiness. Page Robinson J C, Pittsburgh right bottom lines and 6 ARCHITECTS. Jacobs Elmer F, Morgantowii 336 Alexander W J, New Martinsville. To secure to the business men of West Virginia this publication, which has become a necessity, is the constant aim of the publishers, and a glance at the large num- ber of advert sements scattered through this volume will show the appreciation felt for the enterprise. Page Alphabetical Directory 59 -592 Banks and Bankers 49-50 Classified Business Directory (Foreign") 859-863 Classified Business Directory (West Virginia) 593-857 County Seats and Officers 47-48 Courts of West Virginia 40-42 Ex press Companies 58 Foreign Classified Business Directory 859-863 Gazetteer and A Iphabetical Directory 59-592 Government of West Virginia 39 Index to Advertisements, arranged by Towns 20 Index to Advertisements, classified according to Business 24 J luliciary 40 Members of Congress from West Virginia 40 Officers of State Institutions 42 43 Patrons outside of State, classified 859-863 liailroads of West Vi rginia 58 State Boards 42-43 State Government 39 State Institutions 42-43 State Judiciary 40 S tate Legislature 43 Stite Militia 39-41 United States Courts in West Virginia 40 Particular attention is directed to the list of first-class business firms in cities outside of the State — pages 859-863.

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Page Artificial Limb Mufg Co left top lines Bentel Theo F Compa Dy, The Ltd...


j Carter Electric Co, Pittsburgh j right bottom lines ! Mecum A E, Parkersburg 389 Neuman & Montiegel, Wheeling 5ri5 ELECTICAL SUPPLIES— WHOLESALE. Clarke W E Engraving Co, The opp 590 FLAVORING EXTRACTS.

Mountain State Electric Co, Wheel- : ing 539 CONTRACTORS — STONE. Doubleday-Hill Electric Co., Pitts- burg, Pa left top lines ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. Meyer & Kadclitite, Wheeling 559 FLOUR MILL MACHINERY. Point Pleasant Machine Works, Point Pleasant 4-2'S FURS. Popp Joseph, Chareston 129 Burkle Wm T, Wheeling 569 Halftermeyer & Stahi, Wheeling 553 Schramm Geo, Wheeling 557 HOKSESHOERS.

left bottom lines Krumbbolz & Riley -^ Monougahela House 4 Mouongahela & Ohio River Transjior- tation Co «fi9 Rawsthorne Robert 864 Robinson J C right bottom lines aud 6 Wycoflf, Seamans & Benedict left bottom and right top lines POINT PLEASANT. Haymond L A 4.55 Mc Gee .loseph D 456 Manhattan Hotel 456 Randolph Ernest 455 Randolph G W F 456 . Farmers' and Producers' Bank 473 Page Hotel Wells 473 Wilson H E 473 SUMMERSVILLE. Braxton Central 491 Dunn .1 H 491 Grose John A 491 Methodist Episcopal Advocate 491 VS'ELLSBURG. Doddrige County Bank 523 Hupp A E ." 523 Sham on & Carter 523 West Union Bank .523 West Union Herald 523 West Union Oil Derrick 523 WHEELING.

top lines Bragdon J C top.lines and 6 Bunting W A & Sons left top lines Carey Philip Mnfg Co, The right top lines Carter Electric Co, The right bottom lines Clarke W E Engraving Co, The opp 596 Doubleday-Hill Electric Co left top lines Dunhip David left bottom lines Electric and Mechanical Instrument Co right top lines Erickson C E 2 Gnndlach Company, The right bottom lines Hague Walter E & Sou. Weston 519 Mendeson Joseph 519 Stokes Tuiistill 519 WEST UNION. Duty & Ireland 239 Fawcett D A 409 Pennsboro Ne^s 4(i9 Pennsboro Republican 409 Pedigo W B 409 PHILI. Barbou r Democrat 413 Commercial Hotel 413 Poling A S 413 Talbott Mrs J W 413 Tygart's Valley Bnnk 412 Woods Samuel V 413 PIEDMONT. A Bookkeeping, i^ eiiograpi.y ^]^,ixnd Typewriting, Com TOD nnd Higher English and Math- ei Tiatics, Languar-^e. Co 389 Pope Lewis & Sons 377 Schaefer Charles H .387 Sharp & Kearns 387 Shields T L 383 Spence & Smith 385 "The Stag" 393 Stout J L 381 Straus W M 387 T h o m pson Jo h n H .393 Trissler Charles A 395 Turner C H & Co, 379 Wild Rudolph 381 PENNSBORO. Kellam Cancer Medical and Surgi- cal Hospital 726-727 RONCEVERTE. 23 Page Haskins Hospital 5-29 and 723 Haskins Thomas M 529 and 723 House C A front cover Howe A D Machinery Supply Co 526 Intelligencer Publishing Co 531 Kinsey Dr Geo W 553 Kurner D C right top lines 543 La Flam Leo 549 i Mc Kiuley J C 549 Mc Laughlin & Baumberger 555 Mathison Geo J 549 Meyer & Radclil Te 559 Monongali Coal & Coke Co 549 Morris Heni y 559 Mountain State Electric Co 539 Nagle Charles M 561 National Masonic Accident Associa- tion 551 Nealey Joseph A 547 Neihwanger Charles 557 Neunian & Montiegel 555 News Pul)lishing Co 533 Oliio Valley Premium Co 551 Paull Allred 547 Peabody Insurance Co fi'out cover Pekari Robert 563 Phoenix Assurance Co of Loudon front cover Plume Nick 555 Rader A W 563 G C 563 I'age Redman & Co 559 Reefer Dr Leon N 555 Reyman Brtwing Co right top lints and 525 Reynolds Will W 551 Riverside Pottery Co 547 Rose James right top lines and 541 Sands H S 545 Schenerleiu C Ed 561 Schmulbach Brewing Co 557 Sell ramm George 557 Selvey Robert.... & OF LONDON, ENGLAND, l s^^PJJft successors of feabadff Jitfi Ur Hnq C0mptt]|, of Mhei[liir'^, Cash Assets Over ,000,000.00. Heslop J W C 423 Phoenix Hotel 42.'} Point Ple.asant Machine Works 423 Smith Homer 423 Van Gilder, druggist 421 RICHMOND, VA. American Bonding and Trust Com- pany of Baltimore 545 Architectural Iron and Wire Works, 565 Bahya D H 545 Baumer F W Co back cover Beckett c^ Bruhn 565 Behrens H F ^45 Heltz J W & Sons Co 565 Berry Chas H Supply Co, The left top lines Burkle Wni T 569 Caldwell B F & Co £67 Chapman W H & Sons back cover and 537 &: Reed 5-13 Clouse W E 567 Coperi t e Toni e 551 Cofifland & Mc Coy 553 Donaldson, Morgan & Co left top lines, 7 and .571 Ebbert Joseph 553 Excelsior Machine Works 559 Franzheim EB front cover Garee I A 563 Garvin T M 551 German Fire Insurance Co 535 Gilligan P J 535 Grand Union Medicine Co right top liues and 541 Halftermeyer & Stahl 553 Hall Fred P right top lines Harris P S 561 Harry E V 565 AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Bluefield Inn 91 Fristoe L J ^2 Whitlow M G 92 Sloan EO 91 BRADDOCK, PA.